PandoraPix: Laying the Foundation between Artists and Their Audiences in Fine Art Printing

PandoraPix is a platform for online-selling photography authors with serial numbered certificates signed by such unique artists. It is also an essential fine art printing studio that generates sole prints or complete portfolio exposures on a range of media. We are based in Rio de Janeiro, but our services are extended throughout Brazil and the rest of the world.

PandoraPix was established with the vision of gathering, sustaining and promoting the importance of Autoral Photography, striving to highlight and strengthen its affluence. We extend ourselves as the bridge between lovers of fine art printing and artists, encouraging the blending of talent to inspire the creation of modern-day works in visual art. In collaboration, we are fully committed to bringing artists and their dearest work to an increasing audience.

Our online presentation of exhibited fine art printing meets the support of digital lab capable of enduring the most rigid demands in the field of Autoral Photography. We use only the very best technology available and employ a host of artistic and technical knowledge. Having been involved in numerous fairs, shows, portfolios and exhibitions, we understand that time is of the essence. As a member of your unique fine art printing project, we meet with our clients beforehand to ensure we understand your requirements and then proceed to exceed expectations by paying great attention to detail, including the conformity of colors.

The essence of fine art printing

An impression is only considered to be fine art printing when it is executed by means of a stringent printing process. Our Autoral Photography is printed by means of paper manufactured from 100% pure cotton and the application of mineral pigments, which guarantee the endurance of the final printed impression.

All procedures are strictly set in accordance with the artist’s specifications and as the author of the work, the artist signs a certificate which includes the drawing of the specific work, the title, relevant dimensions and precise description. An audience can, therefore, know the purchased image is numbered and approved by the artist involved. It is a guaranteed copy of the original work, staying true to the conformity of colors in its original form. In addition, it ensures its valuable appreciation in the long term and enhances its ability for future marketing.

The creation of Autoral Photography

While we work in accordance with strict specifications, our vision is the offering of high quality prints that will last a lifetime. We manage the entire process from the capturing phase to the scanning of the images to generate perfect hardcopies and ultimately, impressions that surpass all expectations.


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